L A Kane Photography...

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... is a tailored service which aims to meet the needs of small business and personal clients by offering affordable high resolution digital photography for business, corporate headshots, commercial, product, portraits and lifestyle.

Product And Commercial Photography

Product And Commercial Photography

For corporate portraits, natural or standard, captured on location in a surrounding you're comfortable with and portraying you, your company and premises in its professional setting. I can deliver commercial and product photography in the London area to complement your business on website editorials, e-commerce, advertising, flyers, business cards and many other display formats. Click here for more information on product photography.

LifeStyle Photography

LifeStyle Photography

Not just for business, I can also portray your more personal events with family and lifestyle portrait photography and cover events such as christenings and parties. Whether you just want something special for display at home, or a photo album for friends and relatives i can produce sharp clear images which can be enlarged for print or canvas. Click here to discover more about lifestyle photography.

Photograph Restoration

Photograph Restoration Service

L A Kane Photography also offers a service in the restoration of old photographs. By taking the original photo and transforming it by using photographic software to remove blemishes such as creases, folds, tears and weathering, turning it into a pristine copy while leaving your valuable original photo in the same condition as i received it. Click here to learn more about digital restoration of old photographs.

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