Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

Hyde Park Glitters With The Christmas Winter Wonderland

By Lee Kane / October 28th 2015

The Winter Wonderland Hyde Park returns this year and if you happen to be around the area then go and have a look!

image of The entrance to Winter Wonderland
The entrance to Winter Wonderland

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image of a big santas head

Winter Wonderland is open from the 20th of November 2015 at 5pm, and then from 10am to 10pm everyday, excluding Christmas day, until the 3rd of January 2016. Entrance is free, you pay for everything else. Full of bars, traditional food stalls and all the fun of the fair, it really is a dazzling experience.

With a christmas market selling all things christmas, and ice sculptures at the North Pole, the smell of sausages drifting through the air creates a wonderful atmosphere on a cold crisp evening, it couldn't get more christmassy than that!

The fun fair rides, although i didn't go on any, looked exhilarating. With The Power Tower, Star Flyer and a huge rollercoaster, thrill seekers will not be let down, they even have an Observatory wheel 60m high, as well as traditional rides like the Carousel and Fun Houses too! Zippos Circus is also along for the ride and lets not forget Santa Land, but only if you've been good.

image of a waving Polar bear
Ah, look at the sweet cuddly polar bear waving
(in real life he would tear you to shreds and then eat you!)

You could spend a fortune, or you could just enjoy a Bavarian sausage or two, and a beer. If you do manage to make the trip then go on a weekday evening before the school holidays as we went just after christmas day and it was mayhem. Unless you like mayhem that is.

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