Commercial Product Photography for Websites and Print.

Product And Commercial Photography

L A Kane photography provides a bespoke photographic service in London and the South East of England to individuals and small businesses who require high resolution photography for..

  • commercial advertising
  • product photography
  • website and social media portraits
  • architectural photography

for use on...

  • websites
  • print
  • catalogues
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • and shop displays

From business cards to A0 sized posters i can produce high resolution images that will meet your requirements.

product photography

You may just want the photography, but the service also includes...

  • image cropping
  • image cut outs
  • photograph enhancement
  • retouching and alteration

...all done with industry standard Adobe software.

adobe software

Image is an integral part of business, but even more so since the internet and eCommerce. It has become an increasing necessity for any business that reaches their clientele through their website to keep up to date their personnel, commercial and product images on a regular basis, so as to help potential clients gain more confidence in their services and products by enabling those clients to see clearly what it is they are about to purchase or invest in.

Notably the internet is still full of online stores and business websites that do not have adequate images that clients can associate their needs with and surveys have shown that these customers are more likely to look else where and buy from online stores that do, sometimes regardless of price.

business portraits

L A Kane photography's tailored service can help you keep your images up to date and maintain your photographic requirements, keeping you ahead of your competition. By working closely with you, your business and web development team or service, i can help you get the results you want.

Don't get left behind in the image rich world of business and ecommerce, give me a call.