About L A Kane Photography

Lee Allan Kane

Little Lee Allan KaneAs a kid I enjoyed looking through the hundreds of old photographs my family had taken over the years, and had always been interested in photography since an early age, as you can see here, aged 8 and curious about the numbers on the front of this vintage camera. Photography has been a constant throughout my life, and has always felt natural.

Through photography I also found an interest in building websites as i wanted to be able to display my photographic work. So I taught myself hyper text markup language (HTML) and cascading style sheets (CSS) by studying free online tutorials, and started building this website. This website was built in house, all the HTML, CSS, search engine optimization (SEO) has been done by me, and even some server side code (PHP and HTACCESS). You can find out more about this by reading some of the articles i have published here.

Digital photography and website building also led to multimedia and creative software like Adobe, which again I taught myself through online tutorials. I have become quite good at using Photoshop and Lightroom and enjoy retouching my photographs and creating art and graphics. I also use the Adobe software to restore old photographs which you can read about here.

Photography is a wonderful tool from which you can say so much about the world around you. I can not say i have mastered this expression through photography, but I am constantly improving. All the photographs on this site have been taken by myself, and you can view some of them here in my portfolio and see many more by reading my blog.

Rob and the Red Indian at Brandenburg Gate I am a keen photographer and i enjoy being behind the camera, which enables me to cover a wide range of photographic work. When I have my camera with me, I'm not just looking for a great photo, I'm looking for a great moment. As alas, sometimes you only get one chance to capture a moment before its gone forever. And in the age of the digital camera you could take thousands of photo's, but only take one in the moment that matters. Please enjoy my website and i hope my sense of humour too!