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By Lee Kane

Recently I wrote several articles covering search engine optimization and free online SEO tools for a friends Wordpress blog entitled:

What’s the best way to improve your SEO for free.

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After creating my own websites I discovered that my SEO was not up to scratch and that in parts was completely useless as there was no SEO at all. Setting out to correct this took up a lot of time.

If your are building a website from scratch using your own HTML then you really should invest the time before hand in learning the best ways to optimize your website for search engines before you start, so you can build it into your website as you create it.

The articles I wrote covered and reviewed some excellent free internet tools like Nibbler, SEOquake, the HTACCESS file and Google's PageSpeed Insight. After following their guidance my websites unique visitors increased dramatically (even though on a small scale). Of course there is so much competition on the internet for first place in the search results, and especially in photography, even a small gain is a good start.

Since I started my adventures in SEO I have received a lot of phone calls and emails from SEO companies offering their services and promising to get me to first place in the search results. I did wonder that maybe the effort i put into the SEO of my website had made it attractive to them.

However by using the correct building blocks for SEO I feel in the future I will get that first place ranking on my own, and effort I'm willing to put in rather than have to pay a cost which is quite unrealistic for a small business like mine.

UPDATE! I did get first page on Google not just for what i wanted but for other search terms and keywords too!

SEO is a level playing field, you just have to be creative imaginative and determined and you will get those results. I thoroughly recommend reading these articles as they are a good snapshot of what is often repeated on SEO forums and blogs.

In the first article I wrote about the SEOquake toolbar. This great application gives you lots of advice and information on where you website could be enhanced for SEO.

How visible is your website to search engines?

In the second article I reviewed a relatively new website tool called Nibbler. Nibbler gives you a lot of information and really makes DIY SEO fun. I highly rate Nibbler and would encourage anyone building websites to use this as a benchmark for their sites.

Nibbler, a really good free website test for SEO!

The third instalment covers a lot of work I did with a file which communicates with your server called HTACCESS. This file will do wonders for your website, and for its simplicity (to an extent), it really is an amazing tool.

7 HTACCESS file examples that work for SEO

UPDATE! You might also want to read an updated version of this article called

Harness The Power Of The HTACCESS File For SEO!

SEO is an ongoing issue, one you have to be on top of all of the time. If you do it correctly, it can be incorporated into the build and regular updating of your websites, so you wont really notice it at all. SEO now goes hand in hand with being a webmaster!

seo meets webmaster

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