How To Build An Ikea Karlstad Sofabed

How To Build An Ikea Karlstad Sofabed (with pictures)

By Lee Kane

How to build a Karlstad SofaBed

So the day arrived and the delivery man rang the bell, you opened the door and to your horror you discover, just as I did, that your Karlstad sofabed does not come ready made. Instead it comes in two large boxes, at least ours did as we bought the large 3 seater Karlstad sofabed. And it weighs a ton, metaphorically speaking.

So I got the delivery men to take the boxes upstairs (don’t forget to tip them) and into the room where the sofabed was going to be, which is a wise move, as once it has been assembled its heavy and awkward to move. I look at the boxes I take a deep breath and mentally focus on the task ahead.

Now I'm not going to go into great detail here about how to put it together, I shall just let the pictures do the talking. If you follow the instructions that came with your Karlstad sofabed you will do just fine, but I'm sure you'll find the pictures helpful.

Note: The tool they give you in the pack that comes with all the nuts and bolts is useful for one particular job at the beginning of putting it together, but, I would say you really are going to have to get your hands on a socket set to complete the job, or else it will take you far longer to assemble. I put this together on my own and it took me a couple of hours with the clean up afterwards, but it would have been easier with two people.

Click the following images for the larger 600x400's, you can also scroll through them using the left and right arrows on your keyboard.

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