European Street Performers Entertainers Of The World

European Street Performers Entertaining The Tourists Of The World

By Lee Kane / January 20, 2013

ostap kindraczuk playing a ukrainian banduraMeet Ostap Kindraczuk. It didn't take to long after an avid search on Google to discover he is a Ukrainian folk musician. He is traditionally dressed as a Ukrainian Cossack, and is playing a Bandura. I took this photo in Dresden as I passed through on my way to Prague. Dresden was a fascinating place, if I get the chance I will go again.

Street performers, entertainers, buskers, great fun to photograph. Always colourful and entertaining to watch, I often wonder who they are and what they do when their not performing. Most of these photos were taken in London around Covent Garden and Leicester Sq.

The cello player was photographed in Paris, I got the feeling he was rehearsing more then busking as he was sat in an arch way by Le Louvre and the acoustics sounded great.

The ladies with the accordion were in Brussels and just down the road from them were these two dogs wearing sunglasses who did nothing but lay there looking silly, or at least that’s all they did while I was there. Apparently though, earlier they had been dancing around performing back flips and balancing plates on their noses while reciting the lyrics to Light My Fire by The Doors.

brussels dog entertainers
Dogs posing as Men in Black

Something Abstract

January 10, 2013

I enjoy a bit of abstract art. If you have ever been up to the Tate Modern you will find plenty of it there. I haven't been for a while I should go more often but there is plenty of inspiration in the gallery's and always a new installation not that it is always to my taste.

So here is a little bit of abstract by me.

The bus stop photo was taken in Brussels on one of my road trips, I guess the two gentleman walking towards me where oblivious as to what I was up to. The TV art was shot inside the Trocadero in Piccadilly. They where in the process of refurbishing one of the shops inside, but in the process had put up a small gallery of modern art to fill the space. It was similar to what can been seen in Camden market where an artist has created a futuristic world using the insides of old electronic equipment.

Mmmmm think I will let your minds boggle over the other shots.

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