UK Storms 2014

UK Storms Rip Brightons West Pier in Two!

By Lee Kane / February 12th 2014

image of the storm damage to west pier Brighton
Brighton's Storm Damaged West Pier

After hearing the news about Brighton's west pier being badly beaten by the extreme weather here in the uk, I thought I would take a trip down there and take a look. You could clearly see when standing opposite the pier the destruction wreaked upon it by the stormy weather, which has ripped through a section of the pier leaving a huge gash in the structure.

At first appearance though it didn't seem too bad, and from certain angles looked just the same as it was when I took this photo back in 2010. West pier has been on this site since 1866 but has rapidly deteriorated over the last 35 years and is now sadly not even a reflection of what it was in its hay day. I guess the 21st century weather will be the end of it, eventually.

image of Photo of West Pier Brighton taken in 2010
A much calmer day in 2010
image a post card of west pier
No double yellow lines in those days

I was taken aback thinking about the ferocity of the wind and rain as it tore into this splendid skeleton of ruin. Shocking! It made me think back to a post i wrote last year, What's happened to spring 2013 and all the cherry blossom?.

image of leaves on trees december 2013
Autumn in December 2013

What's more, as you can see from this picture above, the leaves where still clearly visible on the trees in London well into the month of December 2013. December!

While taking photos of the pier i saw this seagull struggling against the wind, the determination clear in his eyes, he was not to be defeated by the onslaught of the gales. Actually the gulls looked alot like they were having fun.

image a A seagull battling the winds in Brighton
A seagull battling the winds.

Brighton Marina Slammed By UK Storms

After stuffing our faces with fresh donuts and further on down the brighton shore line, i stopped to get some photos of waves slamming up against the side of brighton marina. The sea around the marina looked especially rough, throwing seafoam into the air and making it appear to snow. It was very windy and my face and hands felt stung by the cold.

image of waves slamming against Brighton Marina
Waves slamming up against Brighton Marina
image Rough seas at Brighton
Rough seas at Brighton

As i looked back up the beach towards brighton pier the sun just made a enough of an appearance to capture the waves crashing onto the beach alongside Brighton Pier.

Stormy Seas Brighton
Stormy Seas Along The Brighton Shore Line

Brightons i360 Will Be Huge If It Gets Built That Is (and since writing this it was!)

Still its not all doom and gloom. The i360 which is in development (it's been built now), is about to take shape and adding not only to Brightons skyline but to that of the south coast. At roughly 600 ft in height the i360 will be a fantastic attraction (if it gets the rest of its funding, which it did) and has been designed by David Marks, of Marks Barfield. It will be erected on the promenade where the entrance of West Pier once stood and across the road from Regency Square.

This flickr photostream (below) gives an artist's impression of what it will look like once complete.

Ah just one other thing, unfortunately i can't remember who asked me, but someone did, whether the nudist beach was still there. The answer is yes. But you would have been a brave soul to have got your knackers out on that day!

Brighton naturist beach sign
Keep Calm And Keep Your Knickers On!

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