Channel 4 Logo Horseferry Road

The Channel 4 Logo Horseferry Road

By Lee Kane / March 22 2013

I have to admit channel 4 are a creative bunch, but having had the pleasure or should I say not so pleasurable experience of having to deal with them on occasion, as a crowd they are a very self important bunch of people. In other words I didn't like them very much. However they do run the Simpsons nightly and they have John Snow on channel 4 news, to their credit, but that's about it for me.

channel 4 logo

If you have watched Channel 4 you might notice that before the beginning of a programme, they often show the channel 4 logo interacting with its surroundings whether its in Tokyo, the American dessert or a gray looking council estate in London. It's a marvel of special effects as the camera pans around revealing the logo. I really like it. I think its cool. What you may not know, is that outside the Channel 4 building in Horseferry Road SW1 they have a real life logo which they change from time to time. The picture below is a composition of one those designs.

By layering copies of the image I was able to enhance the vibrance in the colour of the umbrellas and tone down the colour of the building.

The Channel 4 logo Horseferry Road SW1

During the Olympics of 2012 they had designed it to look like a giant wheel chair to reflect their coverage of the Para Olympics, and over christmas 2012 its was changed to promote their christmas show The Snowman And The Snow Dog. The last time I looked channel 4 were in the process of changing the design again, and I will be looking forward to see what it is.

Jumbo Jet Photography

By Lee Kane / March 08 2013

Am I a big fan of standing at the end of airport runways waiting to take snapshots of commercial airliners taking off and landing. Short answer no. However it had to be done seeing as I know a great place from which you get a good view of the planes. Heathrow? No, although there is a big group of airplane photographers who congregate along the A30 opposite the runway to take pictures on most days, but being surrounded by a bunch of plane spotters comparing digital images and cameras is not really for me.

gatwick planes

So to get my photos I went to the end of Gatwick's runway. Now you need a little bit of local knowledge to find it and when you do get there you have to park a couple of miles down the road and then walk back to it, but its worth it, because of the access problem you don’t get many people there. And on a sunny afternoon that’s great.

Its just a small country lane that runs directly behind the runway where you can photograph the planes on approach for landing and also on take off. The noise is deafening but you get a real sense of the power of the aircraft as they pass overhead, especially on take off.

An Easy-Jet plane landing at Gatwick Airport

I love using the sun in my photography which I will cover in more detail in later post, so the partial silhouette of the plane against the sun gave this picture a great holiday feeling of flying into some sunny destination to enjoy the hedonistic night life to the full. No I'm not dreaming, and yes it is an easy jet plane, and in reality they where probably flying back from a hedonistic destination with a bunch of screaming kids, cliché, but true true.

gatwick planes

This second photo I thought looked better in black and white but is the reason I will be going back to Gatwick to take some more shots, as if you look closely its just a bit blurred around the landing gear. But it has a great feel to it which I want to expand on next time I visit.

A plane landing at Gatwick Airport

If you would like to visit the end of the runway at Gatwick the road you need is called Lowfield Heath Road, Charlwood. The flight path is marked with lights in the fields and by a large set of gates. Don’t park up by these gates as you will be swiftly moved on by local law enforcement.

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