The Cold Spring of 2013

What's Happened To Spring 2013 And All The Cherry Blossom?

By Lee Kane / April 9th 2013

I love spring as it is full of everything new in the natural world, but it hasn't been a good one this year. I found it so sad about the lambs and the pony's across England that didn't make it through the very cold end of March. I have noticed to, that the usual urban enhancement of cherry blossoms have not yet bloomed.

The picture below was taken on the 9th of April 2010 at a place called The Rookery on Streatham Common. It's a surprisingly tranquil place, and as you can see the blossoms were beautiful and the leaves were also starting to appear on the trees.

Spring blossoms at The Rookery by the Cafe on Streatham Common

According to scientists, they are saying what I have been saying all along, which is, if you loose a huge chunk of ice like the Arctic, then you can very much expect some weather changes and more to come! And are we to blame, it is curious that Mars is going through a change to, and that its dry icecaps are also melting.

Anyway whatever happens, nature is a very resourceful creature, and I'm sure the blossoms and the leaves will be making an appearance soon. And every year I say to myself, I'm going to take more pictures like this, but alas it never happens. Maybe this year at least, just in case!

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