Picturing Inspiration in Paris

Picturing Paris - An Endless Supply Of Photographic Inspiration

By Lee Kane / May 5th 2013

Paris is a big place and even though I have been three times, I kind of get wrapped up in the architecture of the buildings and I never seem to have enough time to get as creative as i would like.

The best picture I took I personally think was this one below

Parisian's balloons float off over the river
Le Ballon

I love this as I was lucky to have caught the moment when a helium balloon seller must have lost their grip, and oops, there goes a days wages. Lucky for me, not so lucky for them. I always imagine a little Parisian man just of to the right of this photo on the embankment, cursing themselves right about the same time I took this photo.

I never actually went into Le Louvre, walked around it several times wishing I had the time to go back and catch it when there were no crowds around. It is quite an impressive building, like Notre Dame de Paris. The cathedral has these fantastic gargoyles adorning the roof tops and walls, which when I get a more powerful lens will get some attention as they are awesome.

The Ponts Des Arts across to Notre Dame de Paris is covered in love padlocks. Can't ever imagine this happening in London as there would be some reason for Health and Safety or National Heritage to start flapping their arms about. But it’s a nice gesture to want to protect your own love. They are great as they glimmer in the sun.

Love padlocks attatched to the Ponts Des Arts
Love Locks on the Ponts Des Arts

The chap selling mini La Tour Eiffel's is an illegal trader. Throughout the immediate area of The Eiffel Tower you see lots of them flogging these souvenirs, then all of a sudden they pick up their stock and make a run for it from the police who chase them away. Its a bit keystone cop and a little amusing.

An illegal trader selling mini La Tour Eiffel's

La Tour Eiffel's is a magnificent structure. I have been up to the first level which still provides a great view, sadly I didn't have my DSLR with me as it was a bit of a spur of the moment venture. On a another occasion, I did take this picture from across the river at the Trocadéro on a summers evening just as the moon was starting to rise up into the night sky.

La Tour Eiffel and the moon

La Défense is another magnificent building in Paris which is well worth a visit. Towering amongst other buildings in a business district, you can sit on the steps that lead up to the entrance and relax while looking out over a view of the city. Its a great space surrounded by modern architecture and sculpture.

One place I always try to visit whenever I go to Paris is Père Lachaise Cemetery. The last resting place of the famous but dead. There is one grave in particular I like to see which belongs to Jim Morrison. A true rockstar and a poet they have a police guard by his grave during opening hours to stop people from desecrating his and the surrounding graves.

Jim Morrisons Grave
Jim Morrison 1943 - 1971

Would I recommend Paris to other photographers? It gets a big yes from me! Man, I need to stop watching Britain's Got Talent!

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