The Living Statue's Of Covent Garden

Could You Be A Living Statue In Covent Garden?

By Lee Kane / July 29th 2013

image of The Royal Courts of Justice logoI know I already wrote an earlier blog called European Street Performers but, i just happened to be in town the other day to photograph a certain dragon outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, which I will feature in another blog some time soon. And, as Covent Garden was just around the corner and, as we wanted to get a coffee thats were we ended up. AND we saw something really amazing.

Have you ever tried standing still for longer than 5 minutes, on hot day, dressed in a costume and covered in oil based face paint, which is the type of paint they have to use as it doesn't run when they sweat. Can't be easy.

First there was this beautiful living statue, silent and perfectly still, she was. I read on this website that meditation plays part in this kind of street entertainment due to the long periods of time you have to spend without moving.

image of Living statue Lady painted in silver
Living statue of a lady painted in silver.

This chap i reckon had a seat attached to the base which ran up the inside of his trouser leg, great effect, but to sit there looking like you're contemplating having a crap.....

image of Living statue aof man painted gold with a pint of larger
Living statue of a man painted gold having a pint of larger.

must have been easier than the gent in the top hat who i would imagine had to hold this pose without any help at all!

image of Living statue of a business man running late with his suitcase
Living statue of a business man running late with his suitcase.

While wandering around Covent Gardens shops and markets filled with artists, boutiques and the odd antique stall, we came across this quintet playing a lively tune in one of the lower sections of Covent garden outside a restaurant. Lucky i was to catch the gentleman fiddler looking straight at me.

image of A quintet playing outside a resturant in Covent Garden
A quintet playing outside a resturant in Covent Garden.

And then.....

How did the living statue of Yoda do that!

image of Yoda levitating in Covent Garden
Yoda levitating in Covent Garden.

Answers on a postcard to PO Box 501. Only joking don't send me postcards! However I would really like your comments on how you reckon this amazing feat of levitation was achieved. I’m NOT joking! I want diagrams, sketches and written theories!

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