Name the village in Doc Martin

What is the real name of the village in Doc Martin

By Lee Kane / September 15th 2013

I heard you! No not really, but Doc Martin on ITV, I don't watch it! My mum does though and she thinks its great. Can't blame her as Martin Clunes is a very likable character and a great actor. While we were down in Cornwall together visiting family, my mum wanted to see the place where they film the show.

Its a beautiful little village (even on a overcast day in October) along the north coast of cornwall between Padstow and Tintagel, and is called Port Isaac

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To get to it you take the B3314 and then the B3267 which leads you down into Port Isaac. It’s a small village and doesn't have very much in the way of parking but as we visited out of season we didn't have too much trouble.

They do allow you to park on the small bay when the tide is out, but if you do this, make sure you make note of when the tide is coming back in, otherwise you might be enjoying a cup of tea when you suddenly notice you car floating out to sea.

Port Isaac is very picturesque, like all of Cornwall. It wasn't overflowing with gift shops or restaurants, but you could still get a cream tea. The restaurant we ate in, which looked like either a converted church or hall, did a really good ham egg and chips (what more could you ask).

Fisherman returning to Port Isaac
Fishing boats returning to port

To get to Doc Martins surgery you walk up a side road which is to the left of the port, if you were looking out to sea (its well sign posted anyway), and up towards the cliff which overlooks the port entrance. Its worth walking the rest of the way from Doc Martins surgery to the top of the cliff, as you get a great view of the whole port.

Doc Martin and mumIncredibly when we got there who should turn up on the doorstep but Doc Martin himself! He didn't seem very impressed with us hanging around outside, so we bid him a farewell wave and carried on our way. Just kidding! I couldn't resist photoshopping the doc into this photo of my mum outside his surgery. I reckon thats just how he would have looked, if he had seen us both there. Of course we didn't see any filminging going on, and i would have thought as the port is so small they probably restrict access when they are.

Fern Cottage
Fern Cottage - Port Issac

Port Isaac is worth a visit if you're down in cornwall (although the locals might not be too pleased about it), and as they are close by, so is Tintagel and Padstow. Tintagel especially as it is the supposed resting place of Excalibur, and moon-splashed in mystery and magic with its ties to Merlin and King Arthur. I will have to get my camera there one day to.

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