Brighton's British Airways i360

Brighton's i360 is an awesome addition to Brighton's coastline.

By Lee Kane / September 16th 2017

When i first saw the i360 from the Brighton promenade i was impressed. Being a UFO enthusiast i was pleased that one of my most favourite towns in the world had a structure which in my opinion resembled a flying saucer, and it is pretty cool towering above the Brighton coastline, photographically speaking its awesome.

i360 Brighton photographed from Hove Lawns
i360 Brighton photographed from Hove Lawns
image of The i360 and Brighton band stand
The i360 and Brighton band stand

I knew it's erection was going happen, but sadly i missed it and it's opening show, however as mentioned in a previous post, there had been some doubt on whether the i360's erection was ever going to happen, but it did, and eventually i went down to see it with my Canon 400D.

We slowly meandered along the sea front and i took photos of the i360 from the Queen Victoria statue onwards and we watched as the UFO rose up into the sky then came back down and landed on its British Airways labeled landing pad, where all its delighted passengers emerged from their trip looking thrilled, ecstatic and overjoyed. You could possibly just watching it go up and down all day (man you're a bore).

image of The pod of the i360 in Brighton at the base of it's tower

Situated adjacent to Brighton's West Pier, the British Airways i360 has some pretty impressive specifications. Standing at 531 feet in height it makes it the tallest observation platform in Britain and the WORLD's tallest and skinniest tower. Its viewing platform is 59 feet in diameter with a viewing height of 453 feet and can accommodate 200 people. The viewing "saucer" is also heated, has air conditioning, bench seating, a bar and a restaurant from where i am told, you can get a full english breakfast, pie and mash and treacle pudding with custard for afters (just kidding about the food).

The pod (come on it's a UFO) departs from its starting point at the base every 30 mins when in operation and the ride lasts around 20 to 25 minutes. I'm planning on taking a ride sometime in the future, so i will update the post when i do.

image of The i360 pod alongside the moon

As we got closure, i caught the moon alongside the pod, and noticed how the reflective underside of the pod produces an optical illusion giving the towers column a cone like appearance, and on that chilly but beautiful clear spring evening when i took these photo's, the smiley faces i spotted on the pavement perfectly describe how i felt. I hope they make you smile too.

image of Smiley faces painted on the promenade in Brighton

In contrast though to the i360's modish architectural presence, and while meandering, i took this photo of the beach huts situated by the Hove Lawns. Unsurprisingly if you wanted to buy one of these beach huts it would set you back around £15000. I ran this photo through Google's Nik Collection which works well with Adobe Photoshop CS4 to give it a bit of a vintage feel.

image of Beach near the Hove Lawns
Beach huts on the promenade along the Hove Lawns

Brightons i360 is well worth a visit with your camera. It's a grand structure, and personally i think an excellent addition to Brightons coastline giving the town a fantastic futuristic feel. One photo i have to improve on though is the image below. Next time i want the the UFO in there too.

image of The i360 tower and the setting sun

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