London Bridge Zombies And The Walking Dead

London Bridge Zombies And The Walking Dead

By Lee Kane / October 28th 2015

zombies are coming to get youI like this series, just as much as I liked the X-files. Its gorey viewing all wrapped up in a survivalist action drama. Your drawn towards the characters out of sympathy for their predicament, which makes it worse when you have to deal with their horrific deaths several episodes later. Losing a main character like Lori was a completely harrowing experience I wont be forgetting in a hurry. Poor Rick, poor Carl. The constant vigilance from zombie attack makes you anxious and guessing who’s next to be eaten. Why would anybody want to watch this programme. Well it really is good!

Thats why I was pretty pleased when i found out from, that us die hard fans won't have to wait long for the next head stabbing, gun tooting, brian blowing, pick axe wielding series 4 of The Walking Dead to begin as it is due to be shown in the UK on the 18th of October, just 5 days after the premier in the US on the 13th. Pretty cool huh! You bet!

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But did you ever wonder what it might be like to come across a real zombie? A moaning groaning growling blood spattered rotten toothed hungry intestine eating zombie. Well, walking through a dark tunnel underneath London Bridge station called Weston Street, while on my way to Hays Wharf, I really did come across a couple of zombies!

Zombie is comming for YOU!
NOT someone you would invite round for dinner!

I thought twice before I approached them, I paused while I weighed my options and considered the possibility of being eaten alive, but bollocks they had be fake right? And i had my camera with me! Well lucky for me they were actors auditioning for a Zombie shoot, and to their credit they never broke character. As I approached I felt really intimidated as they were not small guys, both were around 6’2, and after taking the photo’s I still felt vexed as I turned my back on them and walked away. Just me and them two zombies in that tunnel.

Top 10 Best Zombie Movies Ever

Zombie movies are great and I must of watched just about every good zombie movie out there at least twice, and I say good as there are plenty of rubbish ones too. Here is a list of my favourite Zombie Movies:

The original zombie’s come from Haiti and were created with voodoo magic. The Haitian word “zombi” (spelled without the ‘e’) means "spirit of the dead", but the idea of a zombie apocalypse is generally thought of as beginning with George A. Romero's 1968 Night of the Living Dead. This black and white master piece was the catalyst for all zombie movies.

Ofcourse its not unusual (here’s my attempt at justifying my enjoyment of horror movies) to find so much entertainment in a topic like zombies. Through out history people have found it entertaining to watch others being dismembered and killed. The Colosseum in Rome being the most notable, where the throwing of the odd Christian or two to the lions was enjoyed by thousands of Romans every week, until that is they got bored of it. And in Europe a day out to the local execution was indeed thought of as entertainment. It's a bit of a mystery why, but it probably has to do with the thrills and sensations you experience while watching which causes the release of chemicals in the brain. Mmmmmm brain.

Strange as it may seem, I actually sleep better after a good zombie movie! Cant wait to see World War Z!

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