A Still Summers Day in Brighton

Photographing Brighton on a Still Summers Day

By Lee Kane / November 28, 2012

Well this is it my first entry. There has been so much photography over the last 5 years and not all of it went on display in my gallery, so the rest I will display here on my blog.

Suping in Brighton
Brighton SUPing

On my first entry I wanted to cover a set of photos I took of Brighton. I love Brighton. Its a fantastic place. Its the only place I know south of the river where everyone can mix in a seaside environment comfortably. Young, old, white, black, Asian, the list could go on, everybody's welcome and appears to co exist peacefully, which says a lot about the ambiance of the place. I think that's why I love Brighton so much. Its full of colour.

silhouette of Brightons Victorian Band Stand
Brighton Band Stand.

These photos lack colour though, as I have altered them with Adobe Lightroom to give them a hint of sepia while allowing a slight of color.

Brighton Pier At Night
Brighton Pier on a summers evening.

Brighton will always be top of the list for me when it comes to photography, and there will be plenty more photos of Brighton to come.

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