Hays Wharf Galleria, HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge

Next stop Hays Wharf Galleria, HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge

By Lee Kane / November 09th 2013

Hays wharf Galleria isn't the most sought after of tourist destinations but as its located along the Thames Path between london bridge and tower bridge if you are visiting the area then you will probably find yourself wondering past it or even through it.

image of Hays Galleria
Hays Galleria photographed from across the Thames

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During victorian times Hays wharf would have been occupied by merchant ships bringing tea back from the far east, but today you can stop in at starbucks or cafe rouge for a cuppa before browsing the small stalls filled with crafts and arts, a really good bookshop called Riverside Bookshop and The Christmas Shop which has all things christmas all year round.

image of The Navigators
‘The Navigators’ by David Kemp

Its also home to a piece of art called ‘The Navigators’ by David Kemp who gives a wonderful account of his sculpture on his website.

HMS Belfast

Just along from Hays wharf is the HMS Belfast, a museum ship and part of the Imperial War Museum. Moored in the Pool of London since 1971 the ship receives around 250,000 visitors a year.

The cruise ship Silver Cloud which was moored alongside the HMS Belfast and dwarfing it in comparison belongs to SilverSea Expeditions, I have to admit after checking out their website I wouldn't say no to one of their holiday cruises.

image of The Silver Cloud
The Silver Cloud moored alongside HMS Belfast

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a major tourist destination, and i wonder how many times it has been photographed. I was lucky one day to get a photo of our famous bascule bridge with its leaves open, to allow a tall masted ship to go a sailing, arrrgh (that being a sea captain throaty arrrgh). Shall i go on about Tower Bridge, no, but what I was surprised to find out, that it was designed and constructed between 1877 to 1894 when it was officially opened. And I honestly thought that it was at least 200 years older than that. Well there you go (a sailing). Arrrgh!

Alan Collins ‘Minerva’

image of Lightroomed Minerva

‘Minerva’ (behind Southwark Cathedral on Montague Close SE1) is an aluminium sculpture by Alan Collins, born in Beddington Surrey, not so far from where I grew up in Wallington. Minerva was a Roman god of wisdom, war, art, schools and commerce and probably didn't expect to be getting herself a retouch by Lee Allan Kane in 2013. I altered this photo several times, brushing over the sculpture, I adjusted the exposure, contrast, saturation and color in this photo until i got what I was looking for (I still think i should have gone for pink).

image of Alan Collins sculpture of ‘Minerva’
Alan Collins sculpture of ‘Minerva’

image of christopherThere is much to see along the banks of the Thames and probably half a lifetime's worth of photo’s to take, most of these photo’s were taken on my weekly expedition with my friend Christopher who I used to drop off at Bloomfield Learning Center at Guys, after which i would walk down to Hays Galleria and have a coffee at Starbucks before picking him up an hour later.

My last 4 photo’s are of City Hall, More London Place (that’s a strange name, why could'nt you get enough?), London Bridge and….

image of People walking across London Bridge
People walking across London Bridge

Pigeon, now he didn't mind having his photo taken, in fact i reckon pigeons are secret posers. This one seemed to enjoy the attention, or was he just curious.

image of A posing pigeon in London
A Posing London Pigeon

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