Old Photograph and Picture Restoration Service

Restore you Old Photos and Pictures, Like New!

Do you have old family photo's? Like the ones you would pick up from the chemist or wait patiently to be delivered. Or maybe the really precious ones that have been handed down through the generations. Its great to look back at those old faces and places and remember how it was that you got to this point in time. Sadly though along that path of time photo's often get scratches and blemishes, which although does not diminish the photo's worth, it's a shame.

old photo restoration

Photo restoration could be the answer. As you can see here in these examples with some careful work using computer software, those photo's can be restored to look almost as good as new by removing all the scratches and creases and enhancing the photo. In some cases once the picture has been restored and re-printed on photographic paper you would never know the difference from the original.

digital photo restoration

Even those discoloured photo's which you may have thought was either a processing error at the developers, or the film you used, could be saved and restored. There are no changes made to the original photograph which will remain exactly the same, all the work is done on a digital copy.

How does Photo Restoration Work

I will send you a hard backed empty envelope for you to send us your original photo in. Once we receive it we then scan the image onto our computer in high resolution and then send the photo back to you first class registered in a hard backed envelope to ensure it gets to you in the same condition as you sent it. Scanning the photo will have no detrimental effects to the original photo at all. Alternatively you can scan your photo yourself and email the scanned photo to us. Once We have the scanned photo we then use computer software to remove damage such as...

  • water, tea and coffee stains
  • fold lines
  • mold
  • scratches
  • creases
  • weathering

...restoring it to a clean copy of the original.

When the process is finished i print the new copy and send it back to you. I will also email you the digital copy so if you need to you can re-print it again. Dont let your memories fade away. Give me a call!

photo restoration